Vinschgau Valley Nature, culture, aktive holiday

The Venosta Valley cultural region in South Tyrol is known for its cultural variety and historical testimonies from many eras.
Centuries-old irrigation channel paths, hiking trails in Stelvio National Park, and a vast network of mountain bike trails snake through this richly-blesses cultural landscape and make the Venosta Valley the ideal spot for a variety-filled holiday in South Tyrol.


Once derided as poor man's food, the simple Alpine cuisine of the Venosta Valley has gained a high reputation in recent decades. It has remained plain and based on genuine natural produce until now, but has also developed great variety and numerous ways in which it can be interpreted anew. As a result, world renowned chefs such as Andreas Hellrigl derive from Venosta Valley.


As one of the most diverse hiking regions to be found anywhere in the Alps, there is much to discover during a summer holiday in the Venosta Valley. Besides its numerous types of outdoor leisure and recreation, the Venosta Valley is also cultural haven. With its sprawling natural parks and majestic mountains (including the 3,900m Ortler-Cevedale mountain range, the Ötztal Alps and the Sesvenna massif), the sunny Venosta Valley is an ideal mountain summer holiday destination.


Venosta Valley is long and varied and therefore ideal for exploring by bicycle. The tours along the bottom of the valley are optimal for moderate-level cyclists and families. More ambitious cyclists can find challenging destinations for racing and mountain biking on the pass-roads and along the mountainsides.


Castle, Churches

Thanks to its varied and yet peaceful history, Venosta Valley in South Tyrol is richly endowed with monuments dating from many periods. Some of the 40 castles and fortresses in the valley are now ruins, many others have been preserved through ongoing use and restoration.